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Big Data Analytics

Data warehouses is not designed to handle the processing demands of big data, such as real-time data on the performance and online activities of website or mobile application.

The internet now provides a level of concrete information about consumer habits, likes and dislikes, activities, and personal preferences that was impossible a decade ago. Social media accounts and online profiles, social activity, product reviews, tagged interests, “liked” and shared content, loyalty/rewards apps and programs, and CRM (customer relationship management) systems all add potentially insightful data to the Big Data pool. 

AI in Big Data Analytics  

AI’s ability to work so well with data analytics is the primary reason why AI and Big Data are now seemingly inseparable. AI machine learning and deep learning are learning from every data input and using those inputs to generate new rules for future business analytics.    

Digital transformation allows companies to improve management decisions and discover insights that lead to innovation. The change comes from deep learning. Deep learning is a technique of using AI programming to enhance its functions through machine learning.

The competitive advantage of advanced analytics can be multiplied by building a strong AI capability. Techniques like machine learning, predictive analytics, and data visualization can help us find meaning by digging deeper into large data sets and improving the speed and accuracy of decision-making.

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We help to build Effective and efficient design, deployment, and operational support of your Cloud-Native environment        

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We help to design, implement and support CI/CD/CT automated processes to deliver applications at the pace of business  

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