Prevent and protect risk by building an immune system that detects and responds to cyber-threats

What is Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity key focus is to protect computer systems from unauthorised access or made inaccessible. 
Cybersecurity consists of technologies, processes and controls designed to protect systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyber attacks. 

Cyber attacks becoming more sophisticated and attackers using an variety of tactics including social engineering, malware and ransomware (such as WannaCry). An effective cybersecurity reduces the risk of cyber attacks and improve the protection against unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks and technologies.

Cyber attacks

Cyber-attacks have evolved to complex attacks that leverage cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated algorithms. Given the highly varied nature of modern attacks and the amount of information needed to fully document an attack, it’s no longer possible for cybersecurity teams to process everything within a reasonable timeframe.  

Improving detection and response times for cyber threats and enabling human cybersecurity teams to focus on the more strategic threats is the most important aspect. 

Automation in cybersecurity

With the rising attacks, the number of alerts being generated by security automation products is usually overwhelming. The high severity threats get buried within irrelevant alerts, and extra effort needed to manually filter through those alerts or deploy customized automated security solutions that are also prohibitively expensive.  

This is where AI-powered technologies come into the picture. These modern technologies is cost-effective for companies to identify the critical threats, an in turn increasing detection and response times.

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Our approached to bridge the gap between traditionally built and operated infrastructures to agile, modern hybrid cloud-native environments that leverage automation, container platform, and managed services.

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Cloud-Native Implementation Services

We help to build Effective and efficient design, deployment, and operational support of your Cloud-Native environment 

DevOps Toolchains Implementation Services

We help to design, implement and support CI/CD/CT automated processes to deliver applications at the pace of business 

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